Surrogate CFO™ Services


The backbone of any business operation is its accounting department. Management and sales may do an outstanding job of identifying opportunities and securing new business sources, but accurate reporting of the results of their efforts is crucial to a business' success. Every Fortune 500 company has a team of CPAs and MBAs on staff to ensure accurate financial reporting and provide meaningful analysis of those reports, and a CFO to provide financial insight, guidance and direction for the company.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the resources of a Fortune 500 company, and the accounting department is often the first area limited by lack of resources. Frequently, cost concerns drive these decisions - management determines that retaining a full-time CFO whose expertise is only needed several times a month or less is not cost-effective, or that it is easier and more cost-effective to distribute accounting responsibilities to existing administrative staff rather than hiring full-time qualified bookkeepers.

However, many business owners are realizing that, while they cannot afford a full-time, fully-qualified accounting department, they also cannot afford to do without the level of expertise or service professional accounting departments provide if they are to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

That's why Dyer & Associates, P.C. has developed a solution to this business dilemma with our Surrogate CFO™ services. Companies now have an outsourced solution for their accounting needs - everything from negotiating a bank loan to processing the company payroll, freeing company personnel to focus on more productive duties. The best part of the Surrogate CFO™ program is that companies only pay for the level of service they need and only for the time required.

The Surrogate CFO™ Program

Organizations can now use a complete, outsourced financial management solution for everything from paying bills and processing payrolls to budgeting and negotiating bank loans. All good accountants can provide you with "scorekeeping" services. But we want to join your team and enhance your business! Our services include a range of Compliance, Performance and Strategic duties that allows you to determine the level of service that best fits your needs, and we offer a fixed-price agreement with a monthly payment plan that helps you to manage your cash flow each month. Our state‐of‐the‐art technology enables us to fully collaborate with you, providing real-time information (available soon on mobile devices) in an accurate and efficient manner, and offering offsite storage and backup that is fully-accessible at all times. Together, our staff services and our cloud-based solution can significantly reduce your internal accounting and IT personnel costs and improve processes and workflow, resulting in improved business performance and cash flow. Most importantly, our solution puts our expertise to work while allowing you to focus on your core competencies, working together to grow your business!

Compliance ‐ "The Player "

  • Accounts payable processing, including bill payment
  • Accounts receivable processing, including billing and cash receipts
  • Payroll processing through agreed-upon service bureaus
  • Expense reporting
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • General ledger maintenance and reconciliation
  • Monthly financial management reports
  • Mobile reporting (available 2Q15)
  • On‐site visits every other week by accountant
  • Preparation of 1099s, personal property tax returns, and sales tax returns

Performance ‐ "The Coach "

  • CFO Services
    • Monthly management meetings
    • Profit Analysis
    • Monthly Outlook reports ‐ projected operations through year-end
    • Annual budget preparation and management
    • Cash flow projections
    • Cash management, including weekly Cash Reports
    • Fixed asset controls and accounting
    • Accessing capital and financing opportunities
    • Coordination with auditors and outside consultants
  • Insurance and benefits
    • Policy and plan review and management
    • Benefits management
    • Compliance reporting
  • Oversight of accounting function including the review, development and continued improvement of workflow processes

Strategic ‐ "The General Manager "

  • Strategic planning
  • Advisory Board services
  • Quarterly progress and accountability reviews
  • Annual plan update
  • Compensation planning
  • IT Strategic planning
  • Corporate Governance

Surrogate CFO™ Services

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